Sail Laundry - AT Sails

Servicing and Laundry 

Make sure your sails are in tip top condition for the season ahead with a full service and laundry package from AT Sails. 

We will do all or some of the following depending on your needs:

    • Inspection for damage or wear and tear
    • Repair of any damage
    • Damage prevention work
    • Repair of leech and foot
    • Professional wash and laundry service
    • Expert advice on how to look after your sails
Seal and Glide

We can also apply a coat of silicone to your sails which uses 'nano' technology particles that repel water and so help your sails to dry quicker and prevents mildew damage making them look as good as new!

 Call us for more information: +44 (0) 7887 868 791 or email

  t. +44 (0) 7887 868 791


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